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Qmatec 510 TS Multipurpose Drill Rig provided in the UK and Ireland by Just Drill
 QMATEC 407TS Drill Rig available through Just Drill in the UK and Ireland

Water Well & Geothermal Rigs

The Water Well and Geothermal Drill Rigs manufactured by Qmatec and provided in the UK and Ireland through Just Drill are both lightweight and flexible and manoeuvrable in rough terrain. Customers also compliment the compact size of the drill rigs which makes them easy to transport. 

These rigs is suited for Water well and Geothermal drilling but is also capable of Horizontal Drilling.

Multi-Purpose Rigs

Just Drill, covering the UK and Ireland for all your drilling requirements are proud to partner with Qmatec to bring you a range of Multi-purpose drill rigs. Some of the features and benefits of these rigs are their exceptional manoeuvrability and flexibility which makes them suitable for a wide range of drilling applications, from anchoring and soil nailing to micro piling and horizontal drilling.

QMATEC 510 TS Multi Purpose Drill Rig provided into the UK and Ireland drilling markets by Just Drill
QMATEC Foundation Drill Rig provided into the UK and Ireland by Just Drill

Foundation Rigs

Qmatec produce a range of foundation rigs suitable for your requirements, these rigs are optimized for foundation drilling and range from 3500kg to 23,000kg in size.

Excavator Rigs

The Qmatec Excavator rig weighing up to 59,000kgs. It is mounted on a modified Hitatchi ZX 350 LC-7 excavator and is fully radio controlled.

The Mast is capable of handling drill pipes up to 12 meters in length with a pull pack force of 30,000kg.

QMATEC 4530XLR EXCAVATOR mounted drill rig provided into the UK by Just Drill
QMATEC Electric Powerpack available from just drill in the UK and Ireland, for all your drill tool products and requirements

Electric Power Packs

Qmatec also have an Electric power pack option which enables all rigs to run without a diesel engine - these are available in 2 sizes and can be trainer mounted or stand alone. Both come with electric and hydraulic hook up lines.

Horizontal Rigs

Qmatec produce a wide range of horizontal drilling rigs with a drilling capacity from 76mm to 1000mm drill diameter. Available with optional equipment such as, Welding Machines, Water pumps and lifting cranes.

QMATEC Horizontal Drill Rig available in the UK and Irealnd from Just Drill, your Drill tool and equipment supplier
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